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Iphone Installation

This is a collection of 60 x 1-minute segments shot on iPhone. They are presented here as they appeared in the installation at the Courthouse Gallery, displayed on iPhone. Each sequence is 6 minutes long and contains 6 segments. In the installation, they played simultaneously on loops with their accompanying sound.


The darkened display space creates an enclosed visual and aural environment. In making this piece my aim was to create an immersive audience space for the work. Holding the phone to view, the audience is encouraged to contemplate their own relationship with the camera phone images they make themselves. These pieces were shot in portrait, as is much camera phone footage. This device is intended to create a dialogue between conventional images of landscape photography and a personal impressionistic approach to image-making. Exploring format in this way brings an alternative perspective to the work. The shift in the context of viewing the moving image distances the familiar experience.




The majority of these 1-minute segments are handheld shots. They represent mundane environments. Any camera movement mirrors my bodily gesture. Movements within the frame occur 'live' during the recording. 


The critical and theoretical context of these pieces is manifest in their amateur mode of production and their mundane domestic content which directly references the WIMIP in my PaR


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