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Closed Circuit 

Closed Circuit

Setting up 60 Minutes

Setting up 60 Minutes

60 Minutes installation

60 Seconds installation

XYZt 2018 Exhibition

This page contains an archive of XYZt, my 2018 exhibition at the Courthouse Gallery, Thirsk. It consisted of an installation of 10 iPhones, two plasma screens, a fixed video camera and a monitor closed-circuit hookup.


These 3 works, reflect my research into women's amateur use of video technology to create moving image.

'Closed-circuit hook-up A small fixed video camera relays the image of a vase of flowers to a monitor, echoing artists use of video in its earliest years. This piece was designed to engage the exhibition goer in the simultaneity of electronic transmission, and the rendering of 'real' representational objects via video technology.


60 Minutes contains 60 one minute films made and displayed on suspended iPhones; this piece questions the status of the camera phone as a means of fine art expression and asks the viewer to engage in close concentration, contrasting with the common use of such technology.


60 Seconds contains images of young people who look continuously at the camera for 60 seconds. This piece was designed to return the power of the gaze to the young people who disavow their social media representations.   

XYZt employs the vernacular of 'home movie' making in discourse with accepted narratives about women's lack of engagement with filmmaking. XYXt creates an interruption to that belief by engaging with a tradition of women's independent moving image practice.

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